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Return to School

The learning environment will continue to change and adapt with a return to onsite learning throughout Term 4. Some students will have thrived and made significant gains in their learning and behaviour during remote and flexible learning. While some, possibly those with diverse learning needs or vulnerable students, are more likely to have fallen behind and forgotten some key learning and regular routines when compared with their peers. This return to school guide will proactively support teachers with providing for students at their point of need in relation to their learning, behaviour and wellbeing.

Day and Date

Students Onsite

Students Learning from Home

Monday, 25th October


Years One to Year Six

Tuesday, 26th October


Year Three and Year Four 

Years One, Year Two, Year Five and Year Six

Wednesday, 27th October


Year Three and Year Four 

Years One, Year Two, Year Five and Year Six

Thursday, 28th October

Year One and Two

Year Five and Year Six

Foundation, Year Three, Year Four 

Friday, 29th October

Year One and Two

Year Five and Year Six

Foundation and Year Three and Year Four

Monday, 1 November

Report Writing Day

School Closure

Tuesday 2nd November

Melbourne Cup

School Closure

Wednesday 3 November

All Students return to onsite learning


Resources for students and Families - click on the links

Resources for Primary School Age students

Social Scripts for students

Tips for Parents

Tips for for coping with stress (APS)

Fact Sheets

Relevant Webinars: Sue Larkey - Getting Ready for 2022 Free Transition webinar

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Return to school (Positive Partnerships)

Information for Families 

The MACS COMS team is currently developing communication for schools to assist parent understanding during these challenging times. 
Here is some information that MACS has already communicated as to questions asked: 
What the requirements of parents are if:  

  • Our child is unwell. Keep home, test, wait for the result obviously, but what are the requirements for advising the school? When, who, how? 
    Normal notification that child is absent due to being unwell. If they get there child tested and positive result notify school asap. 
  • If we've been identified as a primary close contact - does this have an impact on whether our child can attend school? And are we required to let the school know, so they can manage the risk?  
    Yes, it is important that the school is notified, so we can manage the risk. If you live in the same house as a primary close contact, you aren’t required to isolate unless, you have OVID-19 symptoms. If you have symptoms, get tested and isolate until you receive a negative result in other very limited circumstances, and you will be contacted directly with advice by the Department or a public health unit, or via your primary close contact . The primary close contact in your household should quarantine away from the other members of the household as much as possible. If the primary close contact in your household has symptoms, they need to get tested as soon as possible. 
  • If our child has been identified as a primary close contact, but not through St Paul's (through sport, or family visits for example), what are the requirements for advising the school, so they can manage additional risks and communicate to affected cohorts as deemed necessary?
    Again we encourage families to let us know so we can mitigate risk at our site      

MACS is working closely with DE and DET to provides schools with updated advice.